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Physical Therapy
in Motion


Physio Egypt aims to provide you with useful ways to have your physical therapy sessions at one of our clinics or at the comfort of your home it’s always up to you!

Our Physiotherapists across Egypt are experts in the causes, symptoms, treatment, and rehabilitation.  

We have more than 45 professional doctors on board specialized in physiotherapy for all of the cases and conditions who deliver the most comfortable and painless sessions for you


We ensure reaching all your needs and decreasing your moans of pain by using the most effective tools according to your case.

Our Services

  • Physical therapy will relieve your pain.

    45 min

Going or a Walk
Elderly Care

Our Elderly care physiotherapists are specialized in the assessment, treatment

Seniors face many challenges as they age and may need more intensive rehabilitation care, especially after suffering injuries from a fall, a stroke or a cardiovascular event!

Our Elderly care physiotherapists are specialized in the assessment, treatment, and long-term management of older people in their homes,
They conduct programs for them to prevent diseases & disability, Nevertheless, treat current conditions!

At Physio Egypt, we have a senior rehab program which can greatly improve the senior's health, and allow him/her to maintain  independence and get back to the normal routine much quicker


One of the coolest ideas ever, I liked the punctuality and professionalism. The doctor was fun to the extent that I felt that I'm chatting with a friend.

Great service and I would totally recommend them!

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